pick it up, is to ruin?

On the way of youth, some people, in a hurry into your life. Is beauty is sweet, has not yet had time to thin savor, had already gone. They never want to stay, never miss, like the wind, never leave any trace, only in that drifted off day drew a pen, let the track of the memory left a mark, is injured is painful, is drunk is a dream, is too lazy to go to remember we miss, are meaningless. Some people, always had the baby, even in psychological incubate a piece of land, rich and abundant. But, after all, just a traveler in the life, turned to a don't, is the end of the world with stranger. They could be attached to each other, support each other, can slowly walk hand in hand to the future, face the life of people, but behind the sweet but doomed, no matter how reluctant to give up, only a sigh, strewn at random in the regret of youth. Some people, swear, love of the flesh, and dark, because a small setback to separate: not vain, riches and honour is not greed, a little bit "supposed" as an excuse to go their separate ways. Some people, together, is no false, together with the "hope" and fall in pieces, but how also can't make a decent picture. Gently breathe a sigh of relief, all the dreams are broken. Some people, only existed, missed, fuzzy, then no. Youth road walk just moment, and then look back, already much transformed.

For this to strangers, spring flower autumn moon non-trace. Those who know pity, we laughed together, cried, drunk, love... And now, without missing you down the mountain, the mountain this head I'm busy. Life geometry? Read daily, pray for the ShanHuiLuZhuan meet, but not seen, it was completely the fate of the world. When time is gone, dry vine old tree, gaze back, feeling advised tears, one eye is ten thousand. 'I recall lovesickness bitter, taste rogue heart at that time. 'if wait until white hair pulled shoulder, remember, hazy, the youth in the water, fog, separated by a layer of black veil, can't see you jiao yan, don't know your voice, can't think of your smile. Only the memory of that once seemed similar, handsome boy, clever girl and the site of some of the incomplete love, again and again, but can't overlap, just know of broken dreams, pick it up, is to ruin?

Missed, no longer look back, it is forever. It is a good memory? The years come to an end, to know each other the fate is a joke, keep the memory is the root of pain. So, addiction is no longer heal scars, is to make the pain spread, spread to every cell of the body, one is suffering. Only forget, complete the turn in the past, full of every page of the youth to chin before Michael trend continues. Not easy to turn over the page, it won't go to remember, to abandon the habit of desire is the most worthless, but have no other choice. So I can only pray: in my world there is a person to reside for a long time, not in a hurry. Is not that beautiful and sad story, more than the need to hide in a corner of grief.

Lost, doesn't matter, no miss is missed, need not care too much. If enough strong, even if scattered all over the ground, also can pick it up.






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