If every seasons, is no more difference, if every a deep-rooted of love, has evolved into a departure, whether someone will still remember, once had such as unreal time alexander hera.
-- - / moon non-trace
Time silent, count past dribs and drabs, light melancholy intrusion. With a dream of fantasy, wandering at the edge of the beautiful, did not dare to close to, can't touch. Good things always short and sweet. The light of happiness, is just a gorgeous and lingering dream. How, how don't want to disturb the peace and quiet at the moment.
With full of sadness, will you remember again, that is placed at the moment no mood, like the tide surging, beating my fragile heart. Intricate mind wrapped around the heart. The silent pain in the chest spreading, open the floodgates. How will I put down the full with love and pain of the past alexander hera?
Miss sometimes is also a kind of pain, with your SuanXin bitter, juices flowing.
Was young and ignorant of us, love the better completion regression of zero, the magnificently fragments of the memory, can pick up and how many? The pieces are no longer complete memory, it is happy or sad? Thinking about the pain of the past, is remembered or forgotten?
Read the feeling of when you are always so mixed, carrying a heartache feeling of walking in the crowded streets, let rain wet face. Originally, pay may not have return. Do more, also for granted?
There is a love, think of the pain, there is a feeling, read the heart. The last time I today miss you give my love, from now on, no longer met in the misty rain the world of mortals. Bloom eventually fell, deep gone yesterday. The flower is the flower falls, feeling deep again also cannot afford time to explore alexander hera價錢.
Gradually to the wind and the leaves, sing out the sadness when parting, sing hurt my tears surplus in ciliary eye socket. The teary ending of the past, to go to the end, there will be no sequel. Is sadness is pleased, is no longer important.
Rides the footprint of the mind, then a nice quiet, hid mind at among them, touch no longer, no longer over your heart pain alexander hera價錢.






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